Our Mission

The Haitian Connection – Koneksyon Ayiti has been established as a compassionate response to the poverty and misery that so many Haitians face. We are committed to the creative energy and inherent worth of each individual. We view education as an important vehicle towards self help and grassroots development, and we perceive the strength of the Gospel message as a catalyst of change for the People of God.


Our primary objective is to provide educational opportunities by

1. Soliciting funds to provide scholarships for those students who are unable to finish high school due to their inability to pay.

2. Supporting student driven projects that support local communities.

3. Organizing bi-annual forums in an open, non-sectarian space to address problems facing Haiti and Haitians, and proposing creative solutions to those problems.

4. Publishing relevant articles/research that advance understanding of events in Haiti.


Nou etabli Koneksyon Ayiti paske nou konnen byen pwoblèm yo nan Ayiti. Nou vle reponn nan jan nou kapab avèk anpil kompasyon. Nou kwè chak moun se moun. Nou kwè se fòmasyon li empòtan nan lavi moun yo pou yo kapab sipòte yo menm ak fanmi yo e kontribye nan devlopman peyi Dayiti. Nou kwe tou se Levanjil ki bay nou mesaj pou chanjman pou Pèp Bondye yo.


Find out more about what we are currently working on and ways you can help to support it.