Programs & Projects

How do we determine if a project is sustainable?  It might be that the Haitians will be able to quickly gain the skills and can continue the program on their own.  The program might be designed to be self-sustaining, Sometimes we trust that we will find the means to continue the program by partnering with other organizations or seeking donor support. 

house repairs 6-pjsWhen Haitian Connection was founded in 2005, our primary efforts were directed at providing human and physical resources to a variety of educational projects. We focused on Women and Children because their need is greatest, and they are the future of Haiti. 

After the January 12, 2010, earthquake, we started our project of building houses for women and their children to provide them with a secure, safe place to live. Nobody can take that away from them, and it is a life changing gift that the women never dreamt could become a reality. Each house has 3 rooms, a latrine, and a veranda. Eight to 10 people find employment during the construction of the home. It allows the women to start a small cottage type industry, and most important to them, with the money earned they can now send their children to school. In 2018 we will add the additional gift of a biosand filter which will allow the family have clean drinking water year around.  

In response to another need made evident in the wake of natural disasters, we have developed a robust program for Mental Health in Jeremie.

Breadfruit training 1-crop

We also see Education as a means of helping Haitians help themselves. And most Haitians are excellent entrepreneurs, especially when given the means to start a Business that fits and improves their lifestyle.

Other special programs include our Outreach to the Community of Jean Bellune with a variety of services.