Housing for Haitian Women – Kay Pou Fanm Ayisyen Yo

Building Resilience Through the Child-to-Child Approach

Syncretism and Vodou Religion

Teaching For Change

Mark Schuller’s Starfish and Seawalls

Responding to Haiti’s Earthquake, Now and Long-Term

Marina Williams – the Consequences of Globalization (English)

Mariama Williams – The Consequences of Globalization (Kreyol)

Prospects for Development in Haiti and the Wider Caribbean in the context of Globalization and Trade Liberalization

Globalization As Retraumatization:  Rebuilding Haiti from the Spirit Up

A look at Haiti, globalization, and mental health issues along with the development of a community-based mental health program in Jeremie, Pwogwam Sante Mantal.

Analyse de la Situation Humanitaire – Evaluation Ex-Ante Haïti 2007

A comprehensive analysis of the current humanitarian situation in Haiti (French)

An Interview with Paul Farmer

Can quality health services be “scaled up” in countries like Haiti?

Haiti_IMF – Une Fenetre d’Opportunite Pour Haiti

An article (in French) from the IMF on ways to alleviate poverty in Haiti

Actions That Empower

A look at foreign aid by Matt Rousso of Gulf South

Debt Consolidation

A brief report on the impact of Haitian debt by Mark Schuller and Debayani Kar

Fr. Rick’s Account of a Summer in Haiti

A chronicle of Father Rick Frechette’s summer visit to Haiti

Haiti Poverty Profile

An overview of the demographics of Haitian poverty

Marie Dennis Talk

The text of Marie Dennis’s talk at the Port-au-Prince Conference on Job Creation

Jeremie entre la beaute et la poesie HAITI

Frederick Douglass lecture on Haiti (1893)

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