“Good things don’t get lost.” Barbara Kingsolver

For all the years I have been in Haiti, I have been wanting to visit the Citadel. I heard so much a bout it, and was finally able to make it up North to Cap Haitian and Milot to fulfill this dream of mine.
Haiti is such a small country and yet there are so many things to see and discover. I could not help but be impressed, especially by the sheer size of this endeavor. An enormous clever design by an incredibly talented architect who was subsequently killed once the Citadel was finished, so that he could not reveal the plans of this structure. 20,000 people died during the 14 years that the Citadel was under construction. And yet it was completed, overseeing all of the country from every side.
The fear of another invasion to break the road to independence and freedom was very real, but it never materialized, which so often happens with our fears. If only the walls could talk.