Haiti in Lock Down

February 12, 2019

Dear Friends and supporters of Haitian Connection,

I feel it would be irresponsible not to directly address the challenging situation that is ongoing in Haiti. As some of you may have heard, the entire country has been on lockdown for the past six days as demonstrators take to the streets in a growing movement demanding the resignation of the president, justice for those accused of embezzling billions in development funds, and a solution to the economic crisis that is gripping the country.

The situation in Haiti is extremely dire. We are in the 5th day of demonstrations, people are fed up with the high cost of living, the rampant corruption, and the pace of inflation. But as always, there is violence and destruction that accompany these demonstrations. Nothing has been heard from the President or other leaders in the country. Nobody has even addressed the legitimate grievances. The whole country is paralyzed, banks and other institutions are closed, shops and markets are not functioning. Supposedly this will go for the whole week and longer, until the president resigns, although that is not necessarily a solution.

This whole situation is stressing everyday people to the limit. I would like to share a letter that a first year medical student sent me yesterday, with her permission. She is studying in Port au Prince and it so movingly expresses how she feels. Nothing else to be said, except that you have to live this situation to really understand. Asking for prayers!


Hello !!!

With the school everything works very well! I have a good memory of my choice during this last time, in spite of the catastrophic situation of my country during this time … in spite of the hours of lesson missed due to the insecurity of my country, the misery of the people, I pray daily that God may protect me in the streets of the capital. Nevertheless, I fear that one day I will regret this choice to choose medicine as a professional career. To study in Haiti, it’s not easy, for me it is not easy. The despair, the anger, the fatigue, due to the lack of organization of the state of my country have broken me and have sometimes destroyed my brain. I sleep every day at 11 o’clock in the evening and I get up every morning at 1am to study, to do the medicine already it is necessary that you are ready to be married with😿 … I survive anyway, my sincere thanks to madam Renate for me is a mentor for young people, a real … well I love her a lot she knows it …. thank you for everything you do for me, for your support, your generosity …I pray to God that he will guard you and protect you … I will do the intra this month of February as soon as I have my * bultain * I will not delay to send you my grades …..! ! Huh! with the situation of my country I am afraid of not succeeding, I am afraid! I’m afraid! Protesters – they constantly fire off guns, when I study I let myself be carried away by false thoughts, thoughts banal … my neurons ….. 😂😂poufff !!! I have faith and God will protect me

thank you for everything

May God who has all the power, bless you and your family.


P.S. We are  on the 8th day of operation Lock Down Haiti. Silence from the government.