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Haiti return


After a 2 months stay in the US, it was time to return to Haiti. The situation in Haiti before I left for the US, had gotten to me, and I had become seriously depressed and discouraged. I have the chance and the luxury to recharge my batteries with family and friends ‘lot bo dlo’ while so many people here do not have that chance, and yet they soldier on. While high above the clouds I was wondering what will I encounter in Haiti, how are my friends there, what is the political and economic situation, and how will I fit into all that.

I stayed at a hotel close to the airport, away from all the hustle and bustle, and enjoyed 2 beautiful days, in what I call the other Haiti. A friend picked me up and we began our ride to Jeremie, barely escaping gunfire. That is the other Haiti, the one that we hear more about. But than there appeared a small quaint restaurant right by the ocean, where we had a most delicious lobster lunch.lunchbreak 8

The view of the ocean was breathtaking and nourishing for our spirits. Again a return to the other Haiti.

Back in Jeremie we were greeted by ‘no gas’, no electricity, and road blocks erected in protest of not having the road asphalted that leads to my house. Maybe not the welcome I expected, but there were people greeting me, happy that I had returned, my dog Pumpkin beside herself with joy and unconditional love, and overall blue skies and sun. Even the heat was bearable. Back home, yes indeed, my home of choice.