January 1, 2013 – Independence Day

This is Haitian Independence Day, the 209th since Haiti’s Independence. It is this day which, despite the current situation that Haitians find themselves in, serves as a source of pride and and strength.
It is this pride and strength which is contagious and will power the work of Haitian Connection forward in 2013. What is it that we are looking forward to?
One is to expand our breadfruit flour business that we have just begun with the incredible dedication of two students from the University of the Grand’Anse. These students are not discouraged by obstacles, but they look at them as something to overcome. Breadfruit flour is gluten free, so we hope to have a market niche which will help our marketing.
We are also looking to finally open up a mental health clinic in Jeremie, primarily focusing on providing people with coping strategies and tools to withstand the stress of daily life.
We will expand our child-to-child program to expand our reach with its methodology.
And of course, we continue to develop the University of the Grand’Anse.
So we are looking with optimism, yes, optimism to the year 2013.
“Our sense of vocation is intimately linked to the people and things that move us to passion and compassion.” John Neafsey – A sacred Voice  is Calling
Haiti still moves us in that way.