Time Flies

 Time flies, and I am not keeping up this blog the way I have wanted to. But there are times when I am just forced to write. Yesterday was such a day. We spent it out in the countryside to visit our housing project and our microcredit group in Latiboliere. As always, those days are my favorites. I am moved by the beauty of the country, mountains beyond mountains, as the proverb says. The lushness of the vegetation which can only be found in the Grand’Anse department of Haiti. The awesomeness of what surrounds us.

And then again there are the people. Meeting with the women is always such an inspiration for me. Such strong women who work on making life better for themselves and their families. The women who are the recipients of our houses, how happy they are and how they decorate their new houses so beautifully. And how they reciprocate by giving us fruit, eggs, chicken, all not from their abundance but from their heart. Eggs are so valuable here, and to give a dozen eggs from chickens they raise themselves is such a gift. Our new volunteer, Jean-Rony, commented that when you only stay in Port au Prince you do not really know the country at all.