Farmer’s Longevity

“At the core of Farmer’s longevity and success is his ability to see the problem for its stark reality.  Instead of always expecting to win—a trait he says is common to the American idea—Farmer advocates that a better approach when dealing with situations like Haiti is to be prepared for what he calls the “long defeat,” an acceptance that we will lose, but we will do it anyway, if in the process we will relieve someone’s suffering.”

This quote was sent to me by a friend, unfortunately she no longer remembers where she read it. But that does not take away from the significance of the quote and its impact it had on me. I have been in Haiti for 17 years now, and from time to time the question what has been accomplished begs for an answer. It is then when I read the quote, and it lifts my spirit and encourages me to continue. This is especially true when natural disasters hit, where we have no control. To pick up the pieces and to continue living means we do consider life a gift not to be abandoned so easily. we work through the pain and loss and come out on the other side.

Hibiscus after the hurricane.