Jeremie ou nan ke m

After hurricane Matthew struck Jeremie on October 4, 2016 it was difficult to recognize the town and the Grand’Anse region. To look at so much destruction was depressing, and I could not wrap my head around it. Little did I realize that I also had become traumatized. My beloved Jeremie was no longer the city I knew and loved. It has changed, and it took a while to accept that change.

But today I went to visit a friend who lives quite a ways away from the center of town, a good 45 minute walk. These are some of the things I captured:


Flowers, blooming, trees bearing fruit, dogs lazing in the sun, cocks crowing – all signs of life, simple, and yet profound. There is no reason for despair, life is persistent, hope springs eternal.
With that sentiment, I am starting to write my blog again, because Jeremie ou nan ke m (Jeremie, you’re in my heart).